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A blend of classics and contemporary hits

Toby creates heartfelt country music that spans the spectrum from classic tunes to contemporary hits. His music is a blend of timeless storytelling and modern melodies, offering a unique sound that captures the essence of country living.

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Meet Toby Schuetgens

From farrier & horseman to independent country artist

I'm Toby Schuetgens, a farrier and western horse trainer turned independent country artist. My music reflects my passion for both worlds and my journey to pursue my dreams. Get to know the person behind the music.

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"I'm not that slick and ironed type. I'm an ordinary country bumpkin and down-to-earth craftsman. Proud of the simple life and not afraid of getting dirty hands."

Experience Handmade Country Music From A Craftsman

Straight, Real, Simple & With Passion

Howdy, I'm Toby Schuetgens, a farrier and western horse trainer by day, but I'm also a passionate independent country artist.

My journey involves balancing the art of crafting horseshoes and crafting heartfelt country tunes.

And guess what? My dream is to bring this passion to the USA. 

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The heart and soul of my music

Authenticity with a modern twist

What makes my music special is its embodiment of the authenticity of country living while embracing a modern twist. It's real, relatable and infused with the soul of country, creating a unique and genuine listening experience.

What others think about my music:

Montana Records

"Solid work here. I am liking the twangy delivery and the instrumentation on this track overall is well done."

Run Hundred

"I like the twang of the vocals—and the slide guitar in the mix as well"

The Nash News

"Currently living in Germany, Schütgens is proof that country music is a world-wide passion for many." ... "The song definitely is a fresh take. It leans into the rock inspired country that many would find familiar sounding, all while branching out into something they haven’t heard before."

Don's Tunes

"Lovely track with great heartfelt lyrics and guitar tone."

The Ocide Studios

"loved the performance, there were very good arrangements as well; violin, guitar's... Your voice is amazing as well."

Biscuit Squad

This has an interesting country rock feel & energy with the vocal. It's a solid record

Music on the moon

"Great visual storytelling. Strong vocals that have a bit of a country rock flair. Funky bass low end. Rolling overdriven guitar waves. Soaring melody lines. Quick flowing jam arrangement. Well crafted."


"There's a lot of heart and soul in the organic country-rock performances."
"A country and warm blend of retro fitted rock and bluesy soulful productions."
"Lovely tracks with great heartfelt lyrics and guitar tone."

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Follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube channel

Stay connected by following me on Instagram and subscribing to my YouTube channel. It's where I share my love for country music, behind-the-scenes moments and connect with our incredible community of country enthusiasts. 

My vision

Taking the passion worldwide

Next to my journey from being a farrier to an independent artist, my vision is to take this passion worldwide, one heartfelt tune at a time. Together we'll create a global country music community that celebrates the beauty of country living. 

Catch me live in action

Stay informed about upcoming performances

Keep an eye out for my upcoming live performances and shows. I love bringing the country music experience to you and I can't wait to share the stage with my fans.

April 10th 2024

Ranch Open Air Germany

September 13th 2024 

Ranch Open Air Germany

more dates coming soon


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